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Employment Options hosts free webinars throughout the year on helpful topics for job seekers and recruiters. Whether you need tips for resume writing, do’s and don’t of interviews or applications, our professional staff have you covered!  Webinars are open to anyone nationwide and our clients! 

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Paula Reuben Vieillet

Paula Reuben Vieillet, CEO and Founder of Employment Options

Presenter: Paula Vieillet is the President and Founder of Employment Options and is a Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE). She is a nationally recognized speaker, author and presenter. Paula is the author of multiple nationally known career workbooks. She is often asked to consult with the Social Security Administration and the Ticket to Work program. She has been helping job seekers with disabilities for over 20 years.

Presenter: Sarah Lind– Employment Counselor at Employment Options and specializes in helping our clients find work in their local communities in the 47 states.

Presenter/Moderator:  Lori Adler –  Senior Marketing Liaison and Events Manager. Lori is also a Ticket to Work participant.


WHO WE ARE:  Our daily role is to assist people with disabilities.  If you receive SSDI/SSI disability benefits, we might be able to help!  APPLY HERE