Top Ten Reasons To Choose Us!

  1. We offer over 20 years of expertise as an authorized employment network placing candidates on SSI/SSDI.
  2. It’s our goal to help you focus on your abilities to get the right job for you.
  3. Our pre-qualified employers offer legitimate positions so you can be placed quickly.
  4. Your Personal Job Counselor will assist to ensure your needs are met.
  5. A MEO Benefits Specialist supports and educates in helping you manage your ongoing SSA and Medical Benefits.
  6. We help our clients with any special accommodations and/or transitional issues for up to six years after employment.
  7. Our business is 100% virtual so we can help you regardless of your location.
  8. We reward your success with ongoing raffles and contests to win prizes and money.
  9. Our e-Newsletters, webinars and blog posts keep you in the know on current issues.
  10. We service our clients like family and support them in increasing their income and self-esteem.

Apply Now! You must be on SSDI and/or SSI benefits for us to directly assist you with finding a job in either Work At Home or Community employment. We serve 48 states.