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If you currently receive SSI or SSDI disability benefits and want to Work At Home (or) at an On-Site location near you,  we may be able to help!  

We offer free job placement for qualified SSDI/SSI candidates. 

We represent our clients  in 47 states and offer a complete employment placement package to find a job that best suits your circumstance and skills!

Work At Home:  Our staff will look for specific minimum requirements when you apply for Work at Home: CLICK TO VIEW THESE REQUIREMENTS


 ***Special Hurricane Notice***

Posted 9/11/17: A large number of our staff were in the path of Hurricane Irma.  Therefore, our response to new applications, emails, and phone calls will be delayed much longer than the usual 2 business days during the week of Sept 11-15th.  Many of our staff are without power.  We will respond to all calls, emails, and applications as soon as we can.  We look forward to assisting you!

Option 1:  Work At Home Application

Option 2:  Community (Onsite) Application

Option 3:  Click here if you were you referred by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Option 4:   If you do not qualify for our program and need resources:  CLICK HERE


**We are only able to assist disabled job hunters through the Social Security Ticket to Work program.

*SSDI is available to those who have worked and earned a sufficient number of work credits. It is funded through payroll taxes.

*SSI is ‘needs based’ and mainly for low- income citizens who have never worked (or) do not have enough work credits for SSDI.

States We Serve

  • We assist those beneficiaries with a Ticket to Work in 47 states!
  • We do not accept applicants from Alaska, California, and Hawaii outside continental U.S.
  • We cannot serve Washington D.C. for Work-at-Home jobs.
  • Ticket to Work itself has agencies in all 50 states.