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2014 is upon us!  If you are in the Ticket to Work program, it is important to stay updated on important Ticket to Work program news and industry updates!

Employment Options has you covered!  We will also update you on the latest program and industry news here and via Social media!


Industry News & Tips:  

  • New 2014 Ticket to Work Trial Work Period (TWL) Amount 

A month counts as a Trial Work Period in 2014 if earnings are $770 or greater! (Gross income). 

The Ticket to Work Program created the Trial Work Period (TWP) where beneficiaries receiving SSDI benefits can ‘try’ to return to work without penalty and still keep cash benefits and insurance.   A person on SSDI is given Nine trial work months (not necessarily consecutive) where they can work and make as much money as they want! Review definitions and figures via SSA website.


  • New 2014 Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) Amount:

New 2014 SGA Amount is  $1,070 (non-blind SSDI).  $1, 800 (SSDI blind individuals) 

The Ticket to Work program has various stages built into it that protect beneficiaries while they are trying to return to work.  After the Nine Trial Work months have been used, the next phase uses a figure called SGA or Substantial Gainful activity to determine a beneficiaries place in the program.  Review definitions and figures via SSA website.


  • Medicare Part B Premium:

The Medicare Part B premium will be $104.90 in 2014.  The amount you pay can change each year depending on your income. These figures have been  published on  Medicare’s official website.


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