Convergys Webinar Registration Page


The webinar event is now over!

Thank you to all clients who registered and/or attended this great event hosted by Convergys, a leading Work at home Employer, on Thursday, Sept 4th.

If you attended the webinar, please follow up with your job counselor after who can directly guide you if applying for Convergy is the best fit for you and also about all of our other employer openings.

Everyone who filled out a registration form will receive a follow up email from Lori Adler via our Mailchimp email system within 48 hours after the event!

It is imperative for you to keep in regular contact with your job counselor so they can properly guide you on which employers are the best fit and help you track applications you submit and also update them with any new contact information.

You can call us at 800-441-3114! 

Thank you!