Emma Watson & Tom Felton didn’t Date prior to now

“Harry Potter” movie stars Emma Watson and Tom Felton worked side-by-side for many years into the videos and have come the topics of a fan-conjured relationship for only for as long. Talk about the Draco Malfoy actor’s sex life.

In years past, actor Tom Felton appeared on screens as a pure-blood Slytherin wizard, Draco Malfoy, when you look at the movies adaptations from the best-selling dream collection, “Harry Potter.”

The guy came out alongside actress Emma Watson, who starred Hermione Granger, a muggle-born Grryfindor witch. Becoming co-stars, there have been most speculations that two dated for quite a while, nevertheless they rejected such rumors over the years.

Tom Felton at Chateau Marmont on November 13, 2018. | Photo: Getty Artwork


As though the Watson-Felton ship recommended extra wind to their sails, the English celebrity accepted to having a crush on Felton your first couple of motion pictures back in 2012.

During an appearance from the Jonathan Ross Show in 2012, the “Beauty and creature” actress bashfully admitted:

“between your ages of 10 and 12 I experienced a very terrible crush on Tom Felton. We love a terrible chap, in which he was actually a couple of years old. “

The celebrity went on to generally share that Felton actually understood of the lady lovable crush on him, but together might expect, the star frequently said that the guy noticed her as a younger aunt.

Watson next acknowledge which out of cash this lady cardio. In the long run, they remained friends in the period they worked with each other and, of course, much after the show found an end.

[Watson] stimulated involvement gossip whenever she got identified rocking a group on her behalf ring finger


“Harry Potter” fans or Potterheads, as they are called, have invariably been interested in Tom Felton and not simply for his depiction of Draco Malfoy.

Because decades he starred the type, a lot of need pondered about his relationship therefore the standing from the Malfoy actor’s affairs.

It is really not unusual to obtain that co-stars as well as actors and non-acting members of flick crews get-together. This not merely acted as a base cause but propagated the speculations that Watson and Felton got indeed discover fancy together.

For decades, owls carried news left and close to cyberspace of Emma Watson and Tom Felton online dating, making numerous to inquire as long as they ever before did big date at any aim. Her connection brands incorporated “Dramione,” “Feltson,” and “Temma.” Their particular fanbase is truly meticulous.


In 2019, the duo increased eyebrows once they discussed a cute selfie of by themselves within pajamas while on trip along in southern area Africa. Felton captioned the chance of these playing your guitar along and wrote:

Again, the guy shared a photo of himself on coastline, giving Watson a sneaky shoutout when planning on taking the pic inside the caption. “Dramione” shippers gone wild in responses, perceiving that it is a sign that their own fantasy the two to have collectively was finally arriving at pass.


Actor Rupert Grint, exactly who starred Ron Weasley inside films, additionally got enough to express about their co-stars additionally the method of connection they’d.

Grint reportedly admitted whenever it came to Felton and Watson, there was clearly constantly something, a little bit of a spark. He then proceeded to include they comprise toddlers at that time, therefore is, definitely, absolutely nothing much more serious than playground romance.


When questioned if the guy ever before considered the same exact way about Watson as she performed dozens of years ago, the star ended up being fast to deny that he ever had a crush on her behalf shyly.

Of course, the Draco Malfoy star was also fast to reward their co-star along with her exceptional operating in the show. It was obvious that people rooting to see Tom Felton and Emma Watson along would never ever obtain it.


Even though many Potterheads however presented completely for a necessary spark between Felton and Watson, neither leave that keep all of them straight back. Indeed, Felton proceeded as of yet another “Harry Potter” co-star.

In 2008, he begun internet dating celebrity Jade Olivia Gordon, which starred their partner, Astoria Greengrass, inside motion picture “Harry Potter in addition to Deathly Hallows: role 2.”

Both were frequently viewed performing madly in love, so that as forecast of the numerous Draco Malfoy lovers, there have been lots of rooting on their behalf also. In 2015 while discussing this lady, the guy expressed their as his best friend and mentioned:

“creating a person who undoubtedly comprehends you, where you need not sugar-coat situations. is actually uncommon.”

Sadly, arrive 2016, the owls once more carried the news that Tom Felton’s girlfriend, Jade Olivia Gordon, is no more with your, together with two got parted techniques.


Two years after Felton sadly parted methods with his ex-girlfriend, the guy surprised anyone as he ended up being noticed locking lips with a secret blonde in la.

The pair looked really smitten while they strolled around area hand-in-hand with huge delighted smiles gracing their particular face. Although not a lot arrived of that, July 2019 also watched the actor walking his canine in L.A., this time around with a sensational brunette by their part.

That can apparently concluded in a dead-end just like the 33-year-old had been considered need signed up with a dating software in 2020. The application, Raya App, has grown to become somewhat prominent among superstars.

A source near the star reportedly explained that Felton skilled troubles discovering a person that comprehends his life style as an actor that is comprised of your touring and being away for very long durations.

Based on the source, the actor ended up being upbeat and ready to consider this one person who would relate solely to his living, hence his joining the celeb matchmaking application.


In terms of Watson, things are not quite exactly the same with internet dating because they’re with Felton. In April 2020, it actually was unveiled that actress is matchmaking Los Angeles companies tycoon Leo Robinton.

Watson and Robinton, whom reportedly met through common pals, of late started engagement rumors when she had been identified rocking a musical organization on her ring-finger while saying goodbye into entrepreneur at the beginning of March.

These photographs of Emma Watson have some enthusiasts questioning if shes involved to this lady beau Leo Robinton, (though there have been no verification at the moment.) Examine why fans become mentioning: t.co/QuN1bo1Pdd

Really clear that both Watson and Felton come into different places within lives at present, and perhaps there are not any tips to “Wingardium Leviosa” any dreams for Dramione. Nonetheless, enthusiasts can simply wish.