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EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS: The Ultimate Resource for Job Seekers with Disabilities and other Challenges [Paperback] by Paula Reuben Vieillet


Have you been down-sized, fired, finished your military service or been ill? Do you have a physical, mental or emotional disability? Too young or too old? Overqualified? Under-qualified? (Download a Sample)

This book can help you find suitable work and get hired, even under the most challenging circumstances. With its visual approach, pictures and easy-to-complete activities, this book is designed to accommodate persons with different learning styles without sacrificing content. Explore your skills, talents and abilities in an interactive fashion. Get advice on how to choose your best career options BEFORE embarking into retraining, a new field or a new job.

This personal approach combined with up-to-date labor market information minimizes failure and disappointment AND saves time and money.  View the video now.

You will learn

  • How to properly fill out an application without sending the wrong signals to resume screeners.
  • Honest and sensible ways to handle tough situations; gaps in employment, bad references or a criminal record.
  • How to stand up for your rights as a job hunter under federal laws and minimize discrimination.
  • How to craft a career-changing and job-specific resume based on successful sample resumes that get your phone ringing.

Reduce your job hunting stressors by using EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS: The Ultimate Resource for Job Seekers with Disabilities and Other Challenge (Bartleby Press). Its positive and realistic approach to finding both suitable and satisfying work makes it a unique resource. It is the one-stop source for people who need work now.

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