Lisa Seeley Success Archive

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Lisa Seeley – New York 

I suffered from agoraphobia since the age of 13. Crowds and open spaces we very difficult for me to handle.  Getting through high school was quite a challenge, but I succeeded and earned my diploma.  After high school,  I hit rock bottom in my life.  I had to move into a group home due to the fact that my mom and I didn’t know how to deal with my agoraphobia.  I was lucky to be able to receive SSDI and receive the treatments I needed to get myself healthy again.  I always knew I wanted to work and feel productive in life.  I wanted to help people in situations like my own.   I was determined to start looking for work.

After being able to move back home, I looked into the Ticket to Work program and received my list of Employment Networks from Maximus.  I found Employment Options and reluctantly called Sheika, in Customer service/screening.   I was quite nervous talking to her, but it was a piece of cake.  I started to feel like,  – I can do this.  I then spoke with Flora and gave her my work background.  I told her that I had experience as a Vocational Councilor and also in Work from home.  Paula then wanted to speak with me.   By the grace of God,  she hired me with Employment Options!

Working again has given me such a new outlook on life.  Working makes me feel productive- helping others with disabilities has been a dream of mine especially since I can put myself in my clients’ shoes. There is no bigger reward for me then to get my clients back to work.   Working makes me feel empowered.

I do not suffer any longer from Agoraphobia.  I actually travel to Florida for work meetings and look forward to the trips.  Working makes me feel proud.   Paula has helped me grow and become the Job Counselor that I am today.  With the help of Employment Options,  I live my life to the fullest. I am now married with two small children of my own.   run a household while being able to work from home.  I am so lucky to have found Employment Options and have the chance to give back to others. I would not have the wonderful life I have without having the courage to go back to work.  Thanks Employment Options and the Ticket to Work program for changing my life!

Lisa Seeley is one of our Work-at-Home Job Counselors on staff!