Marva Renee Cutler Achievement Award Story

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Marva Renee

\”Giving up for me was not an option.\”

December 8, 2006:  12 years ago at the age of 42, I was working at Henry Ford Hospital as a medical assistant for 3 years.  I was a divorced mom with 3 children, a person full of life helping others and playing softball. My oldest daughter was getting married on December 21, 2006 in Jamaica on a  cruise and my youngest daughter was expecting my first grandchild and it was a very exciting time of my life.

After work, I went with a coworker to a Walmart store to pick up Christmas gifts for her children.  On the way to drop me off at home, we were involved in a car accident that left me paralyzed in my left leg; not able to return back to work or finish nursing school.  I had to have several surgeries on my lower back, right hip, left shoulder, right knee; and years of physical therapy.

Life was hard for me at that time, I was at the lowest point in my life. Then my grandson was born and it gave me hope, and determination to be able to run and play with my grandson. That was the reason why I worked so hard to be able to walk and to keep a positive attitude regarding life.  I kept telling myself, \”I will walk again in Jesus’ Name.\”

Then suddenly it came in the mail from Social Security; a Ticket to Work Letter.  I called the number and they mailed me a list of Employment Network agencies. I called several ones before I called Employment Options.  Sheika took my call and did a screening over the phone, and she said a counselor would call me in a couple of weeks. I received a call from Ms. Desiree Quildan; from that day to present she has helped me with my journey of returning back to work and finding the right job position.  Desiree worked with me until I had the confidence to go to an interview or to do a phone interview, and to be successful no matter what personal or health challenges that may come my way.

I have been working for Sensory Systems Clinic as a part-time Administration Receptionist for 1  year.  I am back in school at Macomb Community College for the 3rd semester.

I thank God for His mercy and grace for strength every day, to able to go through challenges and come out stronger than ever; and to be able to help others through their challenges, to encourage others, and to be a blessing through my testimonies.  

It is a honor to be nominated for the Suzanne Cutler Achievement Award that teaches us to give back to others through my life experience and achievement that I have overcome since I have been with Employment Options to help others to achieve their accomplishments.

Ms. Desiree always ends her email with this quote, \”There is Only One You –Be your Best Copy.\”  We are all unique, thank you and may God bless you all at My Employment Options.

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