Mechelle Albert Cutler Achievement Award Story

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Mechelle Albert

I have had a long journey with My Employment Options.  I worked in several positions but could not maintain them for a number of reasons. I had to take some time out from everything and everyone, Including My Employment Options. I had to say goodbye temporarily. It was the most depressing time for me. I felt like a failure, and I let someone down who had become very dear to me, Sandy Darnell (that is a whole other story for an extraordinary woman.)

I did assign my ticket to another EN for a short time,  but also lost out because I had not fixed anything that was holding me back.  After some soul searching and a lot of ‘WOW I should have listened moments’ and lots of wisdom coming in from all the positive people in my life,  I got it together and realized just how much support I really had of influential people behind me. They wanted me to succeed and stand on my own and stand I did.  I was able to run and they were right there. I took my ticket nervously and re-assigned it again to My Employment Options and waited. I received the most welcoming back letter, and yes it was Sandy. She could not have been prouder of me than my own mother.

I have been going strong ever since.  I was one of the first group of people hired for \”Amazon\” when they announced they were hiring in my state, eew, I just love saying that!  I finished training in 3 weeks and went into production and after 4 weeks of production, one day my phone rang, and it was my team lead. I panicked thinking, uh-oh why is she calling me at home on my day off. I answered and she was all excited and said she could not wait to tell me about it.  I was being transferred to a new team that Amazon created for Digital and Technical support, an all new group. Training would start when I come back to work in a few days if I wanted it. I asked how I got picked. She said me and 3 others were chosen based on stats and since I did not need a lot of assistance from the team lead.  So, I am with Amazon Digital Services and it has been successful.

I feel like I am the poster child (smile) (lol) for \”My Employment Options.\”  So, if you are ready for success you will have the most wonderful team behind you.  And to all of you reading this, at Employment Options, THANK YOU ALL. I could not have done it without you. Love u, Sandy……!