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A New Perspective for Job Hunters with Disabilities/Different Abilities [Paperback] by Paula Reuben Vieillet, MA, CVE (Client Workbook)

This is a workbook using pictures and easy-to-complete activities, this workbook is the resource that our clients use over and over again.

By increasing self-awareness, self-esteem and self-advocacy, the workbook uses sound rehabilitation practices to get career seekers with disabilities back to work and keep them at work.  This book clearly addresses the concerns and fears of job seekers with disabilities with extra emphasis on what questions are illegal and how to answer them.

The low reading level makes it appropriate for most job hunters. Motivational and career coaching strategies are incorporated throughout the book.


New Perspective for Job Hunters with Disabilities/Different Abilities[Paperback] by Paula Reuben Vieillet, MA, CVE (Instructor’s Guide)

This Instructor’s Guide is a great resource on how to use the workbook with your job hunter. Step-by-step instructions facilitate the use of the client workbook with groups and individuals. Perfect for new counselors in training, this workbook includes exercises that improve assessment skills; reducing the amount of time it takes to get a person back to work, as well as unnecessary retraining costs.  This is a great resource that offers counselors, recruiters and employment agencies the tools they need to quickly identify suitable job goals for those with challenges.

The placement and counseling tips make it easier to get positive results with even the most difficult populations. Complete with a unique index of alternative jobs for persons with lifting and other restrictions, The Instructor’s Guide is a welcome complement for all employment counselor training.