Official Referrer Program

More Ways To Be Rewarded! 

Earn More Raffle Tickets!
Get More Prizes! 

MEO Rewards

Employment Options loves to reward our clients for your dedication in returning to work!  We continue to add to the multiple rewards programs to recognize your achievements and milestones in the Ticket to Work Program! 



Hand out your business cards to those who
qualify for the Ticket To Work program! 

An Official Referrer for Employment Options is a client who demonstrates professionalism, a strong work ethic, clear understanding of the Ticket To Work program and enthusiasm for Employment Options! 

An Official Referrer will be mailed a packet that will include your ‘Official Referral Business cards‘ that you can hand out to others that receive SSDI or SSI when you are ‘out and about!’  

A qualified ‘referral’ is a person who:

1). Receives SSDI/SSI (non-retirement) benefits
2.  Is between the ages of 18-64
3.  Wants to try to return to work.

Share your card at local community centers, libraries, religious or non profit organizations, disability related events,people you meet at the grocery store or doctor offices and to friends!

Your Business Card Has Two Parts. Tear Carefully At The Fold.

1). Send TOP CARD to EO to receive raffle ticket!               2). Give BOTTOM CARD to person you are referring!                                                                                                                          

 Encourage them to go to our website and to put your name on their online application!  


You are solely responsible for sending EO your referral information. After we
receive and confirm a referral is qualified, we will mail you 1 raffle ticket.

Send Top Card by Postal Mail To:              –(OR)—              

EO Referrer Raffle                                                    E-Mail Photo Attachment of Front Of Card To:
P.O. Box 511                                                              OFR@MYEMPLOYMENTOPTIONS.COM
Rosedale, LA 70772

All Rules For Official Referrer Program Participants: 

  • An Official Referrer is responsible for delivering to Employment Options the name of person being referred, their contact information, and their signature.
  • For an Official Referrer to earn a raffle ticket, the person they refer to Employment Options Must be a “Qualified Referral” which means the person is currently receiving either SSDI or SSI (non retirement) AND is between the ages of 18-64.
  • An Official Referrer receives 1 raffle ticket for every ‘qualified’ referral submitted.
  • An Official Referrer receives 5 raffle tickets AFTER the referral has completed their 1st month of work as a client, earned at least $840/month and they have submitted paystubs to Employment Options.
  • In the event the program is discontinued, any issued raffle tickets will continue to be redeemable for cash or prizes under our Working Rewards program.
  • Raffle tickets will be issued on an on-going basis but please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Prizes You Can Win By ‘Saving’ Raffle Tickets!


LEVEL 1:   3 Raffle Tickets =  MEO T-Shirt          

LEVEL 2:   4 Raffle Tickets =  MEO Mousepad

LEVEL 3:   6 Raffle Tickets = $10 WalMart Gift Card (OR) $10.00 Movie Ticket 

LEVEL 4:  15 Raffle Tickets = $50 WalMart Gift Card (OR) $50 Gas Card       

LEVEL 5:  25 Raffle Tickets = Acer 23″ Widescreen LED Computer Monitor  (OR Equivalent), (OR) Samsung CX-3405FW Wireless Mono Laser Multi-function Printer – Print, Copy, Scan, Fax  (OR equivalent) (OR) $100 Visa Gift Card

LEVEL 6: 35 SAVED RAFFLE TICKETS  =  Laptop  (OR Equivalent)  (OR)  Ipad  (OR)  $250.00 gift card

Official Raffle Redemption Rules

1) Clients are solely responsible for mailing in ‘saved’ raffle tickets to Employment Options.  Client must send saved raffle tickets via First class mail to:

Raffle Redemption – Official Referrer Program

c/o  Robyn Alarcon

P.O. Box 2646

Daphne, AL 36526

2) Original raffle tickets only.  NO COPIES ACCEPTED!

3) Employment Options is not responsible for lost tickets in the mail.