I am struggling with my resume – For the last ten years, I have been working in the food service industry in a management position. Due to my current physical condition, I am no longer able to manage the heavy lifting and constant standing that my position requires.

My entire career has been in food services, either as a cook, restaurant manager, or deli manager. I have supervised up to 60 persons including wait staff, cooks, counter, sales, and banquet prep staff. There are no alternative positions in my industry which pay comparably and which are not be too strenuous for me. Do you have any suggestions? –Ronnie in California
Dear Ronnie,

As a manager you have a lot of skills that are useful in other types of industries. You likely had to hire, fire and train staff, develop and maximize customer service policies to achieve higher sales and customer satisfaction, prepare budgets, project labor costs and profit and loss statements, and order and maintain inventory.

You probably are familiar with employment, safety and sanitation laws. Focus your resume on your transferable skills and abilities instead of the industry. There are many industries that can utilize your ability to manage people and ensure profitability as well as ensure quality customer service back. Your experience could be quite valuable in many different types of industries. Consider a customer service environment, government office, educational facility or any industry that involves coordinating and managing people.

If you are going to write your own resume, be sure to describe yourself in positive qualities like dependable, detail oriented, and excellent interpersonal skills. These types of descriptors can be quite effective when utilized in a resume. They are often included in the profile or summary of qualifications.

Hiring a professional resume writer may be worth your while. Many communities have free services to help with resumes and there are free downloadable resume templates. Also, if you are on SSDI/SSI and have an official Ticket To Work, authorized employment networks, we will do it for free.