Sharon Brown Cutler Achievement Award Story

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Sharon Brown’s Story

I was diagnosed with severe depression.  It took me 5 years after severe depression and burying my mother, aunt, and my brother\’s wife\’s mother in 10 months to realize how all that affected me.  I didn\’t think life was worth moving forward. My husband became tired of watching me fall deeper and deeper into the abyss of depression.  We packed up and moved, with barely the clothes on our backs, and a piece of a car, and we spent the money we had getting to Denver. Once there, we moved into a transitional program to get on our feet. Still, I was not the person I once was and was covered in gloom each day. Then one day my husband said to me, why don\’t you try to go back to work. I really didn\’t want to, but I had heard of Work From Home positions.  I was nervous about the application process, and if the position I would get was even real. I was pointed to Employment Options and within the hour, I had spoken to Kimberly Bounds and she set me up with multiple Work At Home positions. 

Within the week, I was hired with Sitel, worked my way up to being a coach with a team of my own within 3 years. I really didn\’t think I could go back to work, but today I\’m just over 4 years back to work and thriving each and every day. I am currently working at Kelly Connect for Apple as Sitel/Toys R US  closed. I\’m back working each and every day, smiling, loving myself, and happy to be back to work looking forward to each day with a glow! 

I feel I deserve the award as you have seen me grow personally, and it is a long slow climb from total darkness to desiring to see the light. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. GOD Bless!!

If you feel inspired by this story and ready to get back to work, please click here to start an application.