Social media marketing in Gay London: Tinder instead of Hook-Up Apps

Through ethnographic accounts, we will see that Tinder was culturally constructed as a certain place of sociality using its very own formula, but this construction relies on the perspective of different social networking 4 programs too. This is the reason I manage the idea of “polymedia” first recommended by Madianou and Miller (2012), exactly who establish the phrase as “a constellation various media as an integral surroundings whereby each moderate finds the market in terms of others” (p. 3). Inside my studies, i’ve found they impossible to attempt to discover one platform in isolation, ever since the medium is actually sure to additional news in the same way your techniques of this consumers themselves are “polymediatic.” Through this venture, your reader will realize exactly how Tinder has to be regarded alongside the techniques connected with Grindr, fb, Whatsapp, to mention a few. Also, the issue of design try explored among the contributing factors of the reason why this system was made as a place which much better suited to dating and romance when compared to additional gay networks and their affordances.

This research explores the views on social networking of homosexual boys who happen to live in London from all parts of society doctors, internet marketers, plumbers, actors, educators, designers, marines, baristas, developers. From people have been as soon as homeless to the people who will be today high-profile political leaders in London, this tasks are the consequence of the venture of exploring gay sexuality and love as a lived experiences that happens together with technology.


The strategy of analysis is ethnographic, comprehending this as person observation, “deep hanging-out,” and interview. This simply means getting together with visitors on systems that constitute the media environment of gay sub-culture in London. Facts have also taken from my personal connection with talking and meeting up with those who may become passionate or sexual lovers. Correspondingly, a substantial gang of informants interacted with me for purposes that moved beyond the only real purpose of contributing to this research off their viewpoint, despite being completely alert to my personal position as a researcher. 5 This means several of my interview happened to be undoubtedly seen as “dates” or as chances to start an intimate relationship, or just as scenarios which could cause informal sex. This doesn’t weaken the conclusions with this data; somewhat, it has provided me personally use of first-hand reports being complementary for the disclosure of personal anecdotes and stories that my informants would recount.

Because of the proven fact that a substantial amount of informants have been called in a sexually tense planet, You will find furthermore executed semi-structured interviews of homosexual men staying in London who possess not been hired through gay applications. This further class enables us to get access to insights and reflections of individuals who did not have intimate or romantic intentions toward myself personally as a specific, and whom usually would not have been included in my analysis.

A lot of ethnographic data result from the relationships with in 400 homosexual boys on different online systems, many of them from Tinder, which is the primary platform these studies is targeted on. One minute version of ethnographic facts includes about 80 personal relationships. Within this 2nd cohort of traditional connections, 41 among these 80 experiences were first-dates with people who had been formerly contacted through different relationships or hook-up platforms. Communications happening on the internet and communications occurring off-line whether as dates or “hanging out” should be thought about given that two biggest kinds of ethnographic information for this scientific study. 6 The dates of fieldwork for this investigation should be thought about as January through August 2015.

All identities were anonymized and blurred accordingly, plus some specifics were altered without compromising the insights and contexts which are being depicted. This job has-been authorized by the institution school London (UCL) Studies Ethics panel and is protected by the UCL facts security enrollment, research no.


The men interviewed for this analysis originated completely different personal and ethnic organizations, plus it reflects the large percentage of Londoners who have been produced outside Britain. However, the test possess an under-representation of Black and East-Asian voices, with only some informants belonging to these ethnic groups. This is simply not a planned result of the fieldwork, and it also is explained from the family member convenience that I have found to get to out over some ethnic communities in comparison to other individuals.