Date: 10/10/2013


Contact: Lori Adler 



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October 10, 2013 (St. Petersburg, Florida)   While 60 Minutes recently chose to report on Social Security Disability fraud, which only accounts for about 1% of disability claims, there is actually an existing nationwide disability work program that has the potential to SAVE our government millions of dollars each year.

This free and voluntary program called Ticket to Work helps Social Security recipients, who receive SSDI and/or SSI disability benefits, receive free expert help in finding meaningful employment – while also maintaining Medicare or Medicaid coverage and access to some Social Security cash benefits.

Consider Lisa Seeley, a client of Employment Options, Inc. which is a certified Social Security Employment Network (EN) in the Ticket to Work program. Lisa’s diagnosis of agoraphobia led her to become dependent on her monthly SSDI check. However, not working was a real downer and she wanted to try to work again.  She found out about Ticket to Work which then helped her find employment from home – without automatically losing any cash or medical benefits.  

When Lisa and the other 132 disabled clients of Employment Options find full time, long term work this can help save the government about $1,100 a month, per person.

Paula Vieillet, President and Founder of Employment Options, recently said “Collectively, these 132 job placements can save the government over $1,740,00.00 in just one year, besides restoring a person’s self worth and sense of purpose.  Talk about giving new meaning to the old adage – ‘a Penny saved is a penny earned.’”

The many certified Social Security Employment Networks and agencies that serve our nation’s disabled have helped to free 1000’s of people from a life of just waiting for their disability check to a life of independence and greater self sufficiency.   

October is actually ‘National Disability Employment Awareness month.’  Let’s instead, raise awareness about positive examples of disabled citizens receiving disability benefits who return to employment every year and become tax paying citizens again!

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