Vincent- Cutler Achievement Award Story

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Vincent’s Story

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this contest and beyond grateful and honored to be a part of such a wonderful company. What started out as a long road has turned into a wonderful journey. I\’ve had a lot of help along the way, but none greater than Lisa Seeley.  When I was seeking work from home opportunities, I came across Mrs. Seeley\’s success story on the My Employment Options website. This inspired me to strive for my own success story.

The job search was not a simple one. I applied to several companies before landing a position with ACD Direct. This was exciting and nerve-racking as it was a huge undertaking for me. All I kept thinking was can I do it? Will I be able to handle it? Am I ready? I did not want to disappoint everyone who was supporting me, but most importantly I did not want to disappoint myself.

My first day of training was not a good one. I was a bundle of nerves and lost. Before I went to sleep that night I walked over to the mirror and said … Vincent, you can and you will do this! I was so anxious to improve from a shaky day one. I felt like a ballplayer that couldn\’t wait to get back out there and redeem himself.  When day two of training arrived, I still had those nerves but in a different way. I was determined to have my own success story and nothing would stop me from reaching my goal. To quote one of my supervisors… “Wow, this is a different Vincent today. “ From that moment on I had a refuse to lose attitude. I successfully completed my training and have been a call center rep with ACD Direct since August 2017.

My position requires me to answer incoming calls from members who are making radio/tv pledges and donations for different organizations. This requires me to go above and beyond in my customer service skills while navigating through several different windows. At times this can be very hectic with a high volume call rate, but I have learned to pace myself and if necessary take a little breather when the anxiety is strong.

Every day I wake up incredibly grateful to be a part of something, to take calls from different people in many locations. I have a heavy NY accent and this has been the subject of many laughs (in a good way) for several calls.

Remember those early nerves I was talking about? Well, I\’m proud to say that I have twice been awarded a top 3 call agent award for the month.  I\’ve also received several exceeded expectations for calls taken which are very special. Every phone call I take I strive to be the best and go above and beyond to make it a pleasant experience for that caller.  I know I\’ve said it before but I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to not only have a job but to succeed at one with enjoyment.

I will always be thankful for these two companies that were willing to give me a chance.

Sometimes in life, that\’s all you need.