Virginia Bennett Success Archive

Virginia Bennett-  Mississippi

Virginia worked many years in various customer service related positions in her state of Mississippi.  She was a hard worker and worked outside the home for some time.   Life was moving along, but then Virginia became sick and wasn’t able to continue working.  This change was devastating.

After time passed, Virginia decided to return to the workforce again.  This was a big mountain to face and she was scared.  She had not even filled out an application in years and was concerned that no company would want to hire her.

Virginia researched the Ticket to Work program and discovered Employment Options.  Her previous experience in customer service was evident and she was assigned a job counselor who immediately started to coach her, step by step, on applications, resumes and much more, preparing her for the workforce.  She could feel her confidence returning.

Virginia was able to obtain a Work-at-Home Customer Service position within a month!  She continues to be an excellent client because she is hard working, driven, and loyal.  She loves working from home and is thriving!  What a great story of facing challenges head on and succeeding!   Ticket to Work is changing lives!  Way to Go Virginia!  We are very proud of you!

Below you will find Emma’s personally written story 

“I had been out of the work force for several years when I came to Employment Options.  Having not filled out an application in years, and also feeling like I was a “disabled” human being, I wondered who would want me to work for them.   Pam Barnette, my assigned job counselor, changed all of that for me.  She helped me make a resume that highlighted my work skills, personality, and also my experience in several fields.  She reminded me of just what I was capable of and also helped me feel my worth again. It was a service that was in valuable to me.

I cannot put into words how much this changed my life.  Not only did I find work within a month, but I also regained confidence in myself that I never thought I would see again. I am so thankful to Pam and all the other employees at Employment Options. They were all so helpful.  They have continued to make sure that I am succeeding in what I set out to do. I could not be happier!”  (Virginia Bennett)