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Work at Home Openings: 

  • Customer Service Representatives (Part Time)

Emerge BPO was founded by Adrian Collins and his wife Carole Fletcher.  Their vision was to create a world-class contact center in the heart of their native Guyana performing a variety of outsourced services to clients and their customers in North America. 

Collins, after working in the BPO industry for nearly ten years decided to combine his operational expertise with his knowledge of quality process delivery and, in 2008, established Emerge BPO in the capital city of Georgetown.

Since Emerge BPO opened its doors it has experienced significant growth, both in terms of client base and number of employees, making it a nearshore leader in customer management, back office, and transaction processing. This growth is a direct result of the company’s strong value proposition.

Emerge BPO offers so much more than a place where people go to “have to work”. Emerge BPO is proud to be an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer; striving to treat all applicants and employees with respect and dignity. Our diverse workforce provides many benefits, including creativity, variety in approaches to problem-solving, and the ability to work effectively in our diverse markets.

We have found that a culture where employees feel truly valued positively impacts the amount of passion and commitment they feel for their work. As a company, we encourage joy in daily activities – whatever they are and firmly believe that if we invest in our employees, reward their efforts and provide them with the resources needed to deliver excellence, they will, in return, add value to our client’s brands through quality interactions with their customers.

We offer career opportunities ranging from onsite employment to Work-at-Home programs, both full time and part-time.

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