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Frequently Asked Questions: 


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Q: Will I have to call people to sell them things?

A: No, all of our calls are inbound; we do not do any outbound telemarketing.

Q: Will I have to do any high-pressure sales?

A: No, customers who call generally know what they want to order, but may need help to identify the right item. Some of our programs require more proactive sales skills than others. These programs are not high-pressure sales situations, but do require the ability to offer alternative products and sell additional products to customers.

Q: Do I have to be a U.S. citizen?

A: No. If you can provide legal documentation proving you are eligible for employment in the U.S., you may apply. Please note that SYKES Home participates in E-Verify and work eligibility status is confirmed through the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.

Q: Are the positions with SYKES Home part-time or full-time?

A: Most of the positions we have open are full-time. There are some part-time opportunities available.

Q: How do I apply for a job with SYKES Home?

A: You can begin the application process online. We’ve made it as easy for you as possible, and it’s designed to give both you and SYKES Home a good idea if this type of work is a good fit with your skills, experience and qualifications. We recommend that you review all of the qualifications and FAQs before submitting an application.

Q: What is the application process and how long does it take?

A: We designed our application process to be thorough, efficient, and transparent. We always want to you to know what stage you’re in, and if there are jobs open for you! We will evaluate your skills, experience and qualifications to determine our best program for you.

Just as our customer care professionals work from the comfort of their homes, our entire hiring process is also conducted remotely. You are never required to travel for an interview!

Step 1:
Confirm that you meet all of our qualifications, including our technical requirements. This includes the computer, internet, phone, headsets and home office requirements. Please carefully review our FAQ and Qualifications sections.

Step 2:
Open an account at SYKES Home Jobs

We’ve created a one-stop shop for the entire process. With your personal account you’ll get step-by-step instructions on what to do and will always know where you are in the process. You’ll also use your account to get 1:1 support any time you have a question or need help. Depending on the jobs you qualify for, you can expect to devote between 30 minutes and an hour to the entire process.

Step 3:
Complete your application! Some things you will do as part of the application process:

  • Tell us about yourself! What about you and your work experience is unique and a fit for SYKES Home?
  • Complete your profile – Answer questions about your experience and upload your resume!
  • Review jobs we present to you, based on your experience.
  • You’ll look over the job description, shifts available, the training schedule, and more!
  • You could be eligible for many programs!

Step 4:
If you are qualified for one or more of our programs, you will be invited to participate in a group interview. During this interview you will have an opportunity to learn more about SYKES Home and the programs we’re hiring for. If we both agree you’d make a good SYKES Home Customer Care Professional, and we have a program opportunity that matches your skill set, availability and interest, you will receive a job offer!

Q. Will I need to come to your office for a face-to-face interview?

A: No, all interviews are conducted over the phone.

Q. Do I have to pay an application fee?

A: No, we do not charge you any upfront fees to apply to become an SYKES Home employee.

Q: Are there required meetings at the corporate office (or anywhere)?

A: Although you are always welcome to come visit our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, we do not require that you do so. Some clients occasionally request that our customer care professionals visit local retail outlets or other local business offices in order to become better acquainted with what they do. However, this is not common.

Q: Would I be an SYKES Home employee or an independent contractor?

A: All of our customer care professionals are employees of SYKES Home. We believe an employee relationship creates the best experience for you, for our company and for our clients. As a customer care professional, you are an integral part of our team and culture.

Unlike independent contractors, we pay our employees for all of their time worked, including time between calls and time spent training. As an employee you are not required to fulfill the costly and extensive obligations that are required of an independent contractor, including:

  • Filing papers of incorporation, e.g. S corp or LLC
  • Obtaining business liability insurance
  • Accurately estimating and filing quarterly federal and provincial tax returns
  • Maintaining ongoing legal and accounting records

Q: How much are customer care professionals paid?

A: We establish pay rates based on the experience and skill sets needed for each of our clients and their programs. In general, the average rate is about $9.00 per hour.

Q: Am I paid by the hour or by the call?

A: We pay all employees for the hours they work, regardless of whether they are on calls, or waiting to take the next call.

Q: How often would I get paid?

A: We pay you every two weeks.

Q: Do I receive a paycheck in the mail?

A: The most expeditious way to get paid is to have your paycheck direct deposited into your bank account. For this reason, we encourage all employees to be paid via direct deposit. As a general rule, we do not send checks in the mail.

Q: When would I be eligible to receive benefits?

A: After 30 days from your hire date, working an average of 20 hours per week with SYKES Home, you will be eligible for our voluntary benefits program that includes medical, dental and vision insurance for you and your family. For qualified employees (completed one year of service and worked 1,000 hours), we also offer a matching 401(k) plan.

Q: Are the benefits different for full-time and part-time employees?

A: Both part-time and full-time employees are eligible for insurance coverage. Qualified part-time and full-time employees (completed one year of service and worked 1,000 hours) can participate in a matching 401(k) plan.

Q: Are there career advancement opportunities?

A: Yes, there are a variety of advancement opportunities available within the SYKES Home team. Many of our best performing customer care professionals have been promoted to team leaders, coaches and account managers — while still working from home.

Q: What would I be doing as a Customer Care Professional for SYKES Home?

A: You will be answering telephone calls from our clients’ customers. Typically, those customers are calling to place orders for products or services, ask questions about those products or services, or to inquire about orders they have already placed.

Q: Do I have a choice of which program I work on?

A: SYKES Home and our clients jointly determine what experience, skills and qualifications are required for each program. We then screen our customer care professionals for those characteristics. If you are a match for more than one of the clients for whom we are hiring, we may ask you to select your preference.

Q: Is there a required number of calls I must take each hour?

A: Performance goals are determined in accordance with each of our clients’ needs. In order to operate as efficiently as possible for our clients, you probably will receive calls in a fairly steady stream during each work shift. The ability to handle those calls with the appropriate balance of good customer service and efficient resolution will be one of the things we will train you to do well.

Q: What kind of support will I have while I am working? What if I have questions?

A: Even though you will be working remotely from the comfort of your home, you will always have the support of your program team. You will have team leaders, coaches or support customer care professionals who are knowledgeable in your program, and are available via chat rooms and over the phone. Similarly, we provide round-the-clock technical support in the event that you have any problems with any of our telephone or computer systems.

Q: How would I know if a customer is calling or if it’s a personal call for me?

A: To maintain high service levels for our clients, you will be permanently connected to our telephone system for the duration of each work shift. This connection prevents you from receiving personal calls during your work shift. Personal phone calls can be received on a cell phone or on a second phone line separate from that dedicated for work shifts.

Q: Are there performance evaluations?

A: Yes, all of our programs involve quality assurance testing, performance evaluations and feedback to the customer care professionals.

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**Employment Options’ Clients only:  Before applying for any positions from the job fair,   first, contact your assigned job counselor directly.  They will assist you in following the specific protocol for applying with these employer partners through the Ticket to Work program.