Next Free Webinar – July 30th, 2020

      WEBINAR TOPIC:   Work From Home Job Tips: What You Need to Know!  

July Event Registration Coming Soon!


May 14th, 2020:    CEO Paula Vieillet will take part in the Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA’s) InVisible InCourage LIVE Facebook show on Thurs. May 14th @ 5pm ET.   Event information will be posted here!  

May 21st, 2020:  Employment Options’ CEO, Paula Vieillet, will be presenting to multiple agencies in the Unite Us network about the free Work At Home and Onsite job placement and other free services that MEO provides as part of the free federal Ticket to Work Program for those on SSDI or SSI.  Registration Info Coming soon! 

May 27th, 2020:  CEO Paula Vieillet and Communications Manager, Lori Adler, will be presenting on the SSA Choosework Ticket to Work WISE Webinar event about  “Working From Home with Ticket to Work Program.”    Learn More/Registers Here!

Employment Options hosts free webinars throughout the year on helpful topics for job seekers, our clients and the public. Whether you need tips for resumes, do’s and don’ts of interviews or applications, or to learn about the free Social Security Ticket to Work Program, our professional staff have you covered!  

Webinars are open to anyone nationwide and also Ticket to Work participants!                           


 ***Space Is Limited: Online portion is limited to first 250 people who click Join Me link event day!  

Topics To Be Covered On July 30th, 2020:

  • Work At Home Challenges
  • Mental and Physical Aspects 
  • Technology Requirements 
  • Resume Tips 
  • Work At Home Job Examples/New Industries 
  • Protect Yourself From Scams
  • New Hire Expectations


Lisa Seeley is a Senior Work At Home Employment Counselor.  She assists our clients on SSDI or SSI in finding virtual employment in the 47 states that we serve.  Lisa is also a Ticket to Work Program Success Story!



Sandy Darnell is a Work At Home Employment Counselor.  She assists our clients in the Ticket to Work Program in finding remote jobs in the 47 states that we serve.  Sandy is also a Ticket to Work Program participant. 

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